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ECU Mapping Process

Here is a quick breakdown of the process we do for every remap we sell. (We do the process in California and DO NOT need your bike here to flash YOUR ECU) We get the bike on the dyno and hook up our wide band sensor to the exhaust that measures air and fuel ratio. From that point we test the bike at every possible throttle and rpm. Once we have a baseline of where the bike makes the best power and the AFR (air fuel ratio) is correct, we then track test the maps and try to improve the response and feeling on the motorcycle. The dyno only gives us a baseline to start the process. The most common feedback is the bikes are easier to ride as they become more responsive and typically feel lighter. Please fill out the ECU Mapping form when shipping in your ECU. The link is below.

The cost of our ecu service is $299.95. The service will cover you for any changes you want to make to your ECU. For example if you want to combine two different maps together, test different maps, or what ever the case maybe, we will change them for you with no additional charge. If you switch motorcycle model you will need to pay the mapping fee for that model(299.95). We try our best to program and ship them the day they arrive to the shop leaving the turn aroun time up to the shipping carrier.

If you have any more questions please feel free to call the shop at 951-698-7222

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