Racer x test dual injector Yz 250fRacer X Films:

Click here to see the video   Awesome project we did with jay Clark on a Yz 250f ripper. Check it... Read More »

Camshaft timing fixture release

Crankshaft degrees is what you are referencing when checking lobe center of camshaft timing. It’s as easy as checking cam timing in the engine and use the tool as a reference to press the gear back in the desired location changing the camshaft lobe centers in the engine for more response and performance. This is... Read More »

MXA Test – YZ250F Dual Fuel

  Click To view full article MXA-YZ250F Click Here to... Read More »

Vital mx test 2015 CRF450

On this build we helped out with the electronics to match the Yoshimura engine package and VP pro 6 fuel. Check out the link below for a full write up and head on over to to purchase your vortex ecu today. VITAL MX... Read More »

Chris Ackerman foundation project RMZ450

click here for more info to win this... Read More »

MXA Test: Twisted Development Racing 2nd injector kit

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06-15 Kawasaki kx450 cam chain tensioner

Manual Cam Chain Tensioner Click here to buy Most bikes come with automatic cam chain tensioners which are spring loaded ratcheting devices.  The problem with the spring loaded design is it can put more pressure than needed to keep proper chain tension by ratcheting in every chance it gets equaling in a overly tight chain... Read More »

New! 2nd Injector kit

Click Here to order yz250f 2nd Injector Kit : Includes a 2015 Yz450 air boot with adapter made to fit the yz250f (throttle body needs minor modifications) injector,fuel line are all mounted and ready to install in the 450 air boot. The Yz250f has a great power plant stock and has given us a great... Read More »

New Product!

Yamaha YZ250F spark plug constant contact holder One of the common problems with four stroke motorcycles is heat. Here at Twisted Development Racing we came up with a fix for this known issue. We have developed a device that will constantly keep pressure on the spark plug cap preventing it from raising and popping off... Read More »