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Racer x test dual injector Yz 250fRacer X Films:

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Awesome project we did with jay Clark on a Yz 250f ripper. Check it out

Camshaft timing fixture release

Camshaft timing fixture image

Crankshaft degrees is what you are referencing when checking lobe center of camshaft timing. It’s as easy as checking cam timing in the engine and use the tool as a reference to press the gear back in the desired location changing the camshaft lobe centers in the engine for more response and performance. This is the tool that every proper engine builder should have. This fixture is designed to work with Yamaha,Suzuki and Kawasaki Camshafts. The fixture top is built to also work with Honda but the Honda camshaft design requires a additional camshaft base locating fixture. Price is $4,500.00. ¬†Click here to order online or call us at 951-698-7222.


MXA Test – YZ250F Dual Fuel

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